Increase in Coronavirus in Bangladesh and the Challenges to Mental Wellbeing -Rotarian Jahanara Imam

Research shows that coronavirus is changing its characteristics faster than anyone had predicted. According to BCSIR research indicates that sample mutation rate of coronavirus in Bangladesh is 12.60% compared to 7.23% across the globe. In this dreadful situation, people are concerned for the lives of their loved ones as well as their livelihoods. I am worried about peoples’ physical and mental wellbeing. How can anyone be happy in this situation? Peace comes when seeing one’s life as meaningful and worthwhile.
There are important ethical and cognitive components to happiness. Happiness is not determined by external environments, but by how we react to them. Our attitudes and values will make the difference between slavery to coronavirus or finding new opportunities to grow and develop. That is why life can be meaningful and satisfying, even amid the hardship.
Life is more meaningful to me when I can provide service to humanity. These are the values that have been instilled in me by my grandmother, my uncle and my father-in-law. I find happiness in that conviction and I honour them when I serve others.
What is good, what is bad and what is beautiful are all determined by how each one of us feels, and our attitudes to challenges. Liberal art declares that beauty is in the eye of beholder. Look at the beauty around us. Celebrate the life that surrounds us. Let us look forward to overcoming challenges that face us, so that we can become better human beings.
By Rotarian Jahanara Imam
(MD, The Rotary Foundation)